Worthy Wednesday

Topic: Crazy Consistency
A few of my goals for this year are more important to me than the others:
- work less hours on my creative career
- gain strength and fitness
- eat more vegetables
These goals all intertwine to help me find balance and improved health!
I've been fairly consistently active when weather allows for outdoor activities:
 Especially walking/hiking and cycling!
 I've also kept up with my daily quick strength training workouts most days
And I'm definitely excelling at the "eat more vegetables" part of my goal list!
Salads, ramen bowls, Buddha bowls, crustless vegetable quiche etc, etc.
And most days I'm managing to stick to my goal of only sewing or 'working' on quilty tasks for 3 to 4 hours maximum (unless the winter weather is crap!)
So balance is slowly happening but I'm finding that it requires Crazy Consistency which is somewhat at odds with my creative soul! That certainly explains why it's a constant struggle for me...