A Gift

Yesterday was a busy day in my studio.
I made 10 face masks. (Demand is waning for masks here now, so next week will probably be my last batch of masks after 2 months. I'll just finish all the batches of masks I already have cut)
Then I tidied up and vacuumed my studio!!
Finally I decided to work on my first FPP project since mask making began!
 I designed this Totoro block earlier this week especially for my son in-law who is a huge Totoro fan.
 Then I made it into a couch cushion!
We'll be seeing them on Sunday so I'll gift it to him then.
The block size I used was 8" and some of the piecing around the eyes was tiny! I think next time I make it I'll do a 16" block for the centre of a lap quilt.
This block pattern will be for my own personal use only and will not be published as it's a licensed character.