New normal?!

After 10+ days of battling migraine I'm starting to feel better! Today I did a turmeric dye batch using fabulous Harmony Art Organic Design 'natural' organic cotton:
 It turned out fabulously! And should look fantastic in a project with the two previous dye batches I've done this year with this fabric:
I also completed 95 face masks for donation that I'd gotten halfway through making when my migraines started last week! And I cleaned under the stitch plate on my Juki.
My poor machine has had a rough couple of months with the speed I've been making masks at. But I've set a new weekly goal! For 6+ weeks I had made 250+ masks a week. Now my goal is between 100 & 150 per week. Demand has slightly waned and my body is telling me to slow down, so I'm trying to adjust my mindset to a gradual return to quilty life.