Worthy Wednesday - goal review

This year I'm trying to be more intentional about my annual personal goals. So I review them weekly and choose one to focus on during my Worthy Wednesday blog post. This week I'm blogging about goal 11 Eat More Vegetables which I truly believe can make me happy and healthy:
I'm vegetarian so I probably eat more vegetables than the average meat eater, but I also have a tendency to fall into habits and eat the same repetitive things. This year I've tried to add new recipes or eating ideas to my repertoire monthly to add variety.
So far hubby and I tried Buddha bowls and ramen bowls which we love and still eat regularly. At the end of April I began getting a weekly box of vegetables home delivered, I've always loved this concept but when the last company I used went broke a year or two ago I couldn't find another company that did it!!! But with the pandemic has come a renewed interest in offering home delivery options, yay!
The best thing about ordering a mixed box of vegetables is that when someone else chooses what goes in the box you inevitably get more variety than you'd choose yourself! Like last week's box had collard greens which I'd never buy! So I decided to make fried rice and have Asian style collard greens on the side. It was great!
I also got beets with the tops still attached, so I used the tops in a salad and roasted the beets during another meal.
And I wouldn't usually buy arugula but it was great in a chik'n (fake chicken pattie), tomato and arugula sandwich.
I struggled with migraine all week last week so it's great to reflect and see that I maintained my goal as I struggled! Navigating these difficult pandemic times isn't easy, but we can still achieve many goals whilst we wait for the world to return to 'normal'.