Drafting a new tutorial!

For almost a year now I've been working on perfecting my own personal simple blouse pattern!
The first two blouses I made with round neckline and after just two attempts I was exceedingly happy with the neckline:
Then I wanted to try a V neckline, this was my first attempt, it was great but I couldn't wear sports bras with it because the straps showed:
After some pattern adjustments I am now very happy with the V neckline!
So I just kept making these blouses!
They are comfortable, easy to make and reasonably inexpensive!
What I didn't expect was the multitude of sewists who were interested in learning how to make their own!  I've had messages from lots of woman who'd like to make these! So I'm in the midst of drafting a free comprehensive tutorial that shows you not only how to draft your own pattern but also how to make a blouse like this. I'm hoping to complete the first draft tomorrow and release the tutorial within the next week or so... Stay tuned!