COMING SOON! FREE Simple Blouse Tutorial!

I made my first one of these blouses last year on August 3rd. Since then I have made 6 of them with two different arm lengths and two different necklines.
I have had lots of people ask for the pattern/tutorial, so after a year of tweaking my pattern draft and trying this pattern in different fabrics etc. Then lots of effort drafting the 24 page printable PDF I am almost ready to launch this FREE tutorial!

And I am planning a 5 day SEW ALONG starting on MONDAY August 3rd for the anniversary of this journey!

It only takes me about 90 mins to make one of these and less than 2 yards of fabric. 
So in 5 days I will walk you through:
  • Fabric selection & how to sew a french seam
  • Measuring yourself for the pattern draft
  • Pattern drafting
  • Facing for either a curved or V neckline - you choose
  • Constructing the blouse
Click here to see my blog post from August 3rd 2019: