Hand Dyed Quilt Basting

It's been very hot here in Colorado lately so I have to take advantage of the cloud cover when it does come over! Yesterday a nearby storm made it cloudy for the afternoon, so I spray basted a quilt top I recently made using Harmony Art organic cottons. I can't wait to get this quilted!
The pastels are all Harmony Art hand dyed 'natural' undyed organic cotton sateen, click on the Harmony Art tab above for details of where you can buy this fabulous fabric that takes dyes very well.
This quilt has been a longer term project than most of my brand ambassador projects because I hand dyed a fabric each month earlier this year using; cochineal turmeric and RIT fuschia dye.
Then I moved on to designing a quilt layout that would work well with the resulting fabric colors:
And finally I pieced the quilt! I've really enjoyed this process and I think the resulting quilt is quite stunning.