Swapping again, it gets addictive LOL

This pile of fabrics was my task for this morning! My quilting blogger buddy Val of :
http://myplvl.blogspot.com/ just had a new grandbaby and last week she saw my blog post about the eye spy charm swap I participated in that was run by http://www.piecesbypolly.com/. Val liked the idea but couldn't find a current swap to sign up for, so we decided to do a two person swap, we are sending each other 50 charm squares. That says something about our stashes doesn't it LOL. So this was all the fabric I pulled from my stash, there is another pile sitting behind this one that you can barely see in the pic.

Whilst I was cutting one of each for Val, I was cutting 3 pieces from each fabric for me as well. I am adding one of each of these fussy cut prints to my current eye spy quilt WIP. I am also starting a new pile of eye spy charm pairs, because I was reading recently in a magazine that eye spy quilts can also be done with two of each fabric so that the child has to find the matching sets, I LOVED that idea so I am planning a second eye spy quilt before I have even finished the first!! But these are great leader/ender quilts, so they will get done whilst I am working on other projects.


  1. I'm gonna do one of those one day. I should pay a little more attention to fabrics as I use them and make some fussy cuts from the leftovers. Love the horse fabric.

  2. Just picked up 8 more patterns I'll be including in your bundle. Check your email. Val:)

  3. Way to go Marianne! I think the idea of having 2 of the the same fabric in the quilt so the child can find the matching ones is a great idea! You're sure on a roll!

  4. I've been so busy that I haven't got them listed in my shop yet, but I have a couple extra sets from our swap if she wants more squares.


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