Not so Thrifty Thursday - A new Baby...

A new Baby... sewing machine to add to my collection:

1948 Singer Featherweight

As you can see I am using a post it note for my quarter inch line until the quarter inch foot I ordered arrives in the mail! I got this little beauty at an antique store Sunday for $350, it was by far the best value featherweight I have seen considering its price and condition so I had to pounce, she is in great condition and hubby has now oiled it and gotten her sewing beautifully. I did a few dozen four patches this morning just for fun to test her out. She came with the case, attachments and manual. The machine is perfect barely a pin scratch on her but the case needs some attention, the handle needs to be replaced:

And as is common with Featherweights the case, although it is in excellent condition has a musty smell, not just old but beyond that more mildewy, so I have cleaned it inside with clorox and now I have a halogen desk lamp inside it to make it warm and dry which should help kill the bacteria from any potential mold. I also read online that black shoe polish can be used on the exterior to get it looking nicer, so I will get some whilst I am out today.

So I am having fun playing with my new toy, it is the fourth vintage machine I am adding to my collection (not including the 3 vintage toy machines I also have). Number three hasn't even arrived yet I ordered it on Ebay the day before I stumbled on this little beauty! Number 3 is also a Singer and will be revealed next week once it arrives.

Adventurous Quilter


  1. That is exciting! The last one I came across at a flea market was priced at $475 and it wasn't even in that great of shape.. You got a good deal! And to answer your question about being thrifty....I have not been very thrifty. It is very difficult when there are so many amazing things out there tempting me. ;)

  2. She's really pretty! It's wonderful that she's in such great shape. Does your hubby hire out for oiling and adjusting?

    1. For a friend like you Tami Chaulk hubby would be happy to oil/adjust your machine anytime :-)

  3. Oh I'm envious of this little beauty. I love an old Singer... I have a treadle from my great grandmother, a treadle bought at a yard sale, a 1959 from my family and 1960 circa given to me. I want one of the featherweights in bold red or yellow!!!
    LeeAnna Paylor


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