Thrifty Thursday

I got some fabrics at a thrift store on Monday:

 There is about 2 yards of the brown, 2 yards of the snowmen on the left and the others there is at least a yard of each. It is absolutely frigid weather here in Denver this week, so the chilly prints are perfect for quilting in this kind of weather but I have too many WIPs atm to start something new! Hopefully later in winter. I have it all washed but it hasn't gotten as far as being packed away yet as I have been busy with my house guest; my son Ben is visiting from Australia for 3 weeks, he arrived Tuesday evening. And my other quilty time this week has been devoted to getting step one of the Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice mystery QAL done (nearly there).

I also got this fabric from the remnant bin at Joann 75% of normal retail price.

I also decided to do a gag or gift Christmas this year, the gift recipients in our house will all have multiple gifts and have to predict if the one they are about to open is a gag or a gift. Then once opened they have to declare it as either : Hideous, hilarious or heaven-sent. So I went thrift shopping in search of peculiar gag gifts such as ugly teapots etc. I did find an ugly cookie jar and a few other pieces but they will not be revealed until after Christmas.
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