Another not so Thrifty Thursday

Big Sister arrived!

That is what I am calling my my Singer 201 Big Sister Mavis because it looks like the big sister of my featherweight named Baby Molly.

Photo: I just bought this little beauty off eBay, fully serviced, rewired and ready to sew.

I have been looking on Ebay at machines for months, just to research prices, I was determined to buy a fully serviced ready to sew vintage Singer machine. This one was even rewired where needed so I thought it was perfect, and I got it for $347 which I think is fair. I have also bought a bentwood Singer box for it on eBay but it won't be delivered until tomorrow. She sews perfectly and I couldn't be happier! The vintage Singer I had growing up was a tabletop machine in a bentwood box my mum probably still has it back in Australia but it wouldn't work on American 110 volt power anyway so I will leave it where it is for now maybe I will move back to Australia one day and it'll be there waiting for me! This fondly reminds me of my mum teaching me to sew and buying me my own Singer as a teenager :-)

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