A first finish for 2014!

I am plodding along with making the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt components at the moment it is rather tedious at times so I am breaking up the boredom by doing other small projects in between, like this one:

Henry the Cockapoo in his new dog jacket
 Yes that is a patchwork quilted dog jacket! Henry is a very long lean dog and most commercially produced dog jackets are either too short or don't do up tight enough because they aren't made for such lean dogs. So I used his best fitting dog jacket as a pattern to make this one.

All the fabrics were scraps leftover when I cut 4 inch eye spy squares in 2013, I cut them into 2" squares sewed them together for practice lining up my points and then just set them aside not knowing what I would use them for... until now!

So this is what happens when 2 passions collide. I love dogs and quilting so the next logical extension of that was a quilted dog jacket. Believe me I do understand that this is a little crazy, but I love it LOL. Yesterdays maximum temperature here was -9'C or 15'F so it is nice to have a new coat to keep Henry warm in weather like that!

I also found time yesterday to polish the bentwood box for my 1956 Singer 201, which is what I am sewing on currently whilst my 2013 Pfaff is in for repairs. It looks terrific now!

This machine sews beautifully! They were designed as a light industrial machine for seamstresses etc, so it went through the quilted layers of the dog jacket as well as the strapping and velcro quite easily!!! A real workhorse.

And these are the 100 Chevron units for the Celtic Solstice Mystery QAL  that I completed this morning:

It is nice to be sewing again after a busy December!


  1. Henry looks so cozy, good job!

  2. Henry looks quite comfortable in his new patchwork quilted dog jacket! Your bentwood box really looks wonderful and after you polished it! I really like the sound of how well your Singer 201 worked for you. Glad you got so many chevron units finished. They look really good.

  3. Thanks Rhonda, I saw your 2014 list, it is quite comprehensive! Good luck with your goals :-)

  4. you have achieved so much for this blog, Henry looks very comfortable in his new coat and all the chevron units finished, well done have a pat on the back from me!


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