More 2014 finishes

I am on a roll, after several busy months with house guests and Christmas and work I have finally had a few days to catch up on all the half done projects laying around my sewing room. I am tackling the small projects first because it gives me a great sense of achievement and makes me feel like I am making headway in the battle against the WIPs and UFOs.

Way back in July I did a sewing class at the Firehouse quilts show and learned how to make this Itty Bitty Lone Star block. The block itself didn't get completed until I went on quilt camp in November. But yesterday I finally got around to turning that block into a cushion cover for the couch:

And I was making this Christmas block cushion out of a Moda mini charm pack called Aspen Frost, it didn't get finished for Christmas but it is now finished ready for Christmas 2014!

I decided to try 'tie quilting' with this one as I have always wanted to try it and my Pfaff sewing machine is in for repair so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. A project like this doesn't need heavy quilting anyway since it will only be used one month a year. It is hard to know when to stop with tie quilting. I could've done it in the corners of the blocks or in the center, I chose the center, then I had to decide whether to do it in every block, I only did it in the inner two rows of squares but the beauty of tie quilting is I can always add more later if I think it needs them once I have had time to enjoy it as is.

There are still heaps of WIPs around here but I am getting there!

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