Quilt club is awesome

Are you a member of a quilt club or guild?
During 2013 that was one of my goals to join a quilt club or guild, I found the Castle Rock Quilt Club and am so pleased I did. The women are inspiring, friendly and very welcoming. I am excited to have just this week gotten off the waiting list for our spring retreat, so I get to join in the fun of four days sewing with these great ladies!!

At this months meeting I got 'volunteered' to participate in a pick fabrics for a quilt in five minutes challenge:

It was certainly a challenge, but we had fun with it.

Then Judith Stewart who is a member of our club and an amazing, talented quilter did a trunk show and talk about choosing colors and fabrics for quilts. Her quilts were fabulous and she was very interesting. That quilt pattern I was challenged to pick fabrics for; I chose six fabrics, my challenge partner chose about 8 or nine I think... but Judith chose 19!!!!!!! She has an amazing eye, if you are ever lucky enough to see her quilts you will enjoy!

Then during show and tell we saw some awesome quilts, including many charity quilts made by our members. I showed my quilted dog jackets this month:

And shared the weblink to the tutorial because a few dog owning quilters were interested in making them:

In May I am taking a couple of my vintage Singer machines along and my darling husband, so we can show people the basics of how they work and how to oil them! Hubby cannot believe he has to come with me LOL.


  1. how good that you have found a group and will be able to share so much with everyone. I go to a MQG and there is one starting very local to me but will have to thing long and hard as it is a bit too expensive to justify I could use the money for fabric etc. The one I go to at the moment is only £3 a time and 2 buses away but being a pensioner I have a free pass ofr the buses.

  2. Glad that you've found a guild that you fit in with! I think it's really great that Matt is going with you next month! What a trooper he is!


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