Number 18

My friend Patty gave me this sewing machine this week:

It took some cleaning up because it had been in a garage for a while gathering dust and spiders. But once it was cleaned, oiled etc it ran beautifully. I have named her Patty she is number 15 in  my vintage machine collection and I have 3 modern machines, so yes that makes 18 sewing machines and yes I know I am CRAZY!


  1. I think that I've almost gotten used to sewing on my 401. I especially don't have to turn it upside down to change out the bobbin!

  2. this looks a splendid addition to your collection, next thing you will be telling us you need to move house or build an extension to house all these machines.

  3. GIrl I look forward to seeing these all on desplay together someday!


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