I'm a messy disorganized quilter

That door in the background leads to a storage closet that contains the majority of my fabric, it's pretty difficult to get in there atm!

The cutting table is covered in tubs, baskets, toolboxes and other junk!

Even the doorway is cluttered up with reusable shopping bags, my featherweight and fabric scraps.

My sewing desk contains some of the overflow too!

And of course my computer desk is covered in paperwork etc

Yes I have been sewing amongst this mess but mostly that is to help me get things done and out of the way! I did go to Ikea yesterday though and buy more stacking tubs for WIPS etc, so hopefully by the end of today I'll see the floor in here and the cutting mat.


  1. Messiness is the sign of a creative mind. Too much neatness destroys any creative impulses you might have.

  2. You are completely normal and the rest of us quilters and sewers are too. Have a fun, creative day!

  3. as long as you can find what you want in your mess it does not matter. I spend more time looking for things than actually doing! It must be an obstacle not falling over the dogs that like to sprawl! What would we do without Ikea I wonder

  4. I agree with Margaret!! I can find stuff on my desk despite how messy it is. No one touches it or else I'd never be able to find anything! I might have to get me some of those stacking tubs. :-)

  5. Aieeee that looks almost, and by that I mean not even close to the mess I'm living with at the moment. I felt so at home Marianne!! Thanks for that. Oh and I found this post on my google plus page,, which I didn't know how to use and hope I'll remember how to use again! LeeAnna, one of your google plus sew sisters at not afraid of color


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