My New Space

Hubby and I are buying this house:

And I'll finally have a space exclusively for my sewing room! I can't wait.

It's a living room in the basement and I can set up my sewing machine right by the egress window. And there's a nice long wall for some shelves to store all my books, fabrics etc. 


  1. Wonderful! What fun to set up your space and make beautiful things in it.

  2. Very cool! I'd love to have a dedicated space like that.

  3. what a great space and to have a room just for stitching means you do not have to put everything away on a daily basis great times will be had here

  4. Oh My! I'm already envisioning your collection displayed on the top shelf of your bookcase!! HAVE FUN!!!! And Congrats to you and hubby on your home purchase.

    1. PS: Be sure to email me your new address. SMILES!


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