I caught up with my friend Jessica on Thursday to give her the twin triangle baby quilts that I had made for her babies that are due in the next month or so.
Usually I like to take some terrific photos of quilts I make, so I can share them on social media. However I'm still struggling a little after my mum's death in February so I didn't feel up to a full on photography session. I'm so thankful that Jessica sent me these photos!
 Jessica choose fantastic fabrics!
Jessica's pattern choice was:
I bought the fantastic pattern and I highly recommend it if you want to make the quilt in the size the pattern is offered in. However I used my own piecing method to piece it in rows so I could make it the size I needed.
You can download triangle graph paper here:
So if you'd like to design and make your own triangle quilt give it a go, create a design then make templates and you'll have created your own pattern for a triangle quilt!