First Friday!

It's the first Friday again.
Time for First Friday Frustrations!
So as we Aussies say 'grab a cuppa' and let's chat about a frustrating phenom in our industry.
Perfectionist are pervasive within the quilty sphere and they seem to think their way is always better! But from a different perspective I can tell you that if you are one of these perfectionists your perfectionism IS YOUR FLAW!
Those of us that are not perfectionists are happy to play and explore, succeed and 'fail'!
We experience joy even when our projects aren't perfect!
The process is our goal!
We don't actually want to live up to your expectations!
We are fundamentally content!
We are artistic explorers like the impressionist artists:
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Impressionism is imperfection
The Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi reveres imperfection.
So don't take the perfectionist quilt snob comments to heart! In fact you should be pitying that person because their perfectionism is like the chains of a prisoner. It constricts them and suffocates their creativity.
But all this doesn't mean perfectionists are the devil. It just means we should ALL be aware that differing perspectives exist.

Embrace your style but don't force it on others!