Improv Quilt Finish!

This year I haven't completed as many quilts as I usually do, I've made clothes, written tutorials, made multiple donation dog beds etc but I've rarely actually completed a quilt! So this week I decided it was completely okay to spend several days focused on a quick scrap demolishing quilt project that's been on my to-do list for over a year!

So I made this fun modern improv pieced scrap quilt. 
It's a great way to demolish a scrap hoard of various shades of neutral, grey, white and black scraps all in one quilt. I had a couple of fun grey/neutral print fabrics I joined for the backing and binding.
And I really love how it turned out:
I just love the modern feel this technique manages to illicit!
In 2019 I made my first Mod Scrap Quilt with a lipstick pink background fabric:
This year's background fabric is 'Nod to Mod' by Windham fabrics.
I can't wait to snuggle up under this quilt this winter on the couch. My Mod Scrap Adventures quilt book explains the facets of design and the construction techniques used to construct the fun quilts. Click on my books tab above for a link to my books on Amazon.